Today’s Las Vegas Real Estate numbers

Hey everyone,
I was looking at some numbers today and here’s what I found.

  • There are 3,885 homes available for purchase.
  • There are 12,532 homes under contract.
  • There are 21,838 sold year to date.
  • There are still 3 times as many buyers as sellers. There is definitely interest out there. If you decide to have your home listed for sale and you have your real estate agent list it at competitive price you can get a few offers pretty quickly.

    Let me know if you decide to sell your home.

    Keeping it real estate.
    Arlene Skinner

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    Thinking about Short Selling in Las Vegas? Its Time.

    Hey Everyone,

    Just read an article this morning from the Las Vegas Review Journal about short sale deals increasing in number over foreclosure deals.

    I’m glad the article gives you both sides of the story of why short sales are on the rise. It is not just because they’re getting more popular and banks are getting better at processing them. But because of Assembly Bill 284, which requires the banks to have all their ducks in a row, proven by an affidavit of authority, in order to foreclose. This does buy the homeowner some time but the homeowner still needs to have a strategy of what to do next.

    To read the article, click here.

    If you find yourself struggling to make those mortgage payments or have given up paying your mortgage all togehter, please talk to trained real estate professional to discuss your options. Don’t know one? Now you do. Hi, I’m Arlene Skinner and I’m a trained real estate professional. Give me a call to start discussing your options.

    Thanks for reading!

    Keepin’ it Real Estate,

    Arlene Skinner, REALTOR®

    I’ll be at an Open House in Section 10 on Friday, will you?

    Hi Friends!
    I along with my fellow REALTOR, Stephanie Brown, will be hosting an open house on Friday, May 18, 2012 from 4:00pm to 6:30pm at:
    7450 Palmyra Ave.
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
    This home is located in Las Vegas’ Section 10 neighborhood.  For those who haven’t heard of Section 10, it is a neighborhood known by larger homes with even larger lot sizes.  I just loved driving through this neighborhood, even before I knew the name of it. so if you’re curious, this open house is a great reason to check it out!  So not only are the homes bombdotcom, the neighborhood is super convenient to everything I know I’d need to get to, like the strip, shopping, Summerlin, Hash House A Go Go, etc.
    • 3071 Square foot home with 5 Bedroom and 3 Bath
    • 22,651 Square foot lot. (That’s huge!)
    • Swimming pool
    • Side yard with half size basketball court 
    Drop by on your way home from work or before you hit happy hour! Share with your friends who might be interested.
    Please call, text, email me with questions.
    See you in Section 10! 
    Keepin’ it Real Estate,
    Arlene Skinner
    (702) 635-1178

    A bit of REALTOR® bathroom humor

    The other day, I was out with a buyer client looking at homes.  As we approached the front door, I noticed it was open.  With all the buyer competition out there it is typical to find other buyers looking at the same homes as us.  Anyhow, upon getting to the door, I call out, “Hello?”  The other agent let us in and notified us that her client was stuck in the bathroom and could not get out and that she was trying to reach the listing agent.

    I advised my buyer to go ahead and proceed to look at the place while I tried to help.  (We were there for a reason.)  I did try to help even though I don’t exactly know what to do in that situation.  The place was vacant so there were no tools to help get her out.  It didn’t take long for the buyer to decide if he/she liked the place so we headed out.  I joked with my buyer as we walked to the car, “Quick, lets put in our offer while the other buyer is stuck in the bathroom!”

    So please take this as a lesson.

    Buyers:  Go to the bathroom in the comfort of  your own home or the nearest Starbucks because you never know the condition of the toilet or the locks of the bathroom doors of the houses you will be viewing that day.

    Sellers: Make sure your property does not keep a potential buyer hostage.  They won’t be able to get the offer to you.

    Thanks for reading and happy house hunting!

    Keepin’ it Real Estate,


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    One of the Craziest Master Bedrooms I’ve Seen

    I was out showing houses in a guard gated neighborhood called Spanish Oaks and found this in the master bedroom. All that’s missing is the pole!


    We then walked into the master bathroom and saw this:

    Check out that chandelier! There were more touches to this house I found I interesting but these were the only two pictures I took.

    I found the neighborhood very quiet and well maintained considering it was established in the ’70s and is located in the middle of Las Vegas. I just happened to find this house a hoot!

    Well anyhow, if this is something that interests you, let me know. 🙂

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    Deals, Discounts, & Rentals

    I got a question from one of my friends on Facebook regarding rentals:
    Is spring the best time to get any deals/discounts for rentals? Is there such thing?

    In my opinion, the best deals might be in the Fall. Here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it seems that the main moving season is in the Spring/Summer while school is out. Families like to be situated and transitioned into their new homes and possibly new schools before school starts up again. This slow down in business after school starts may be a negotiating tool or as we say in Las Vegas, negotiating chip…but every market is different. I would definitely check with a REALTOR® in your area. 🙂

    Thanks for Keepin’ it real!

    Arlene M. Skinner, REALTOR®

    Fancy lunch picnic

    October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

    Why I love being a mom to girls…

    A couple of weeks ago, the girls were flower girls in my cousin’s wedding. They enjoyed wearing their dresses.

    Since I couldn’t think of any other reason to wear the dresses, we had a impromptu fancy dress picnic…


    This is what I fixed up for us…


    Mommy decided to join in all the dress up fun.


    Thanks for reading!
    Keepin’ it real fancy! 😉
    Arlene M. Skinner, REALTOR®